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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. >> residents of an upscale pleasanton apartment complex haven't had any water service for three days. that means no water for anything, dishes, washing clothes or taking showers. >> this is kind of rough. abc 7 news reporter sergio cantana is live in the neighborhood with the story. sergio, what's going on here? >> reporter: so far there's a whole lot of confusion going on. this is a complex with more than 350 units sprawled over 18 different buildings. residents tell me this problem started friday afternoon so they're now going into their
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fourth day without water and they don't know when it's going to be turned back on. resident kristi hauled a bucket of water from the complex hot tub. >> this is just for flushing? >> for plumbing. i spilled half of it on the way. >> reporter: she'll use it to flush her toilet. another resident, casey evans, says the management has been passing out plenty of color-coded flyers about the water problem. >> does it say how this happened? >> no. it just says there's a failure in the water main pipe. >> reporter: but no details on how it happened. since friday the entire complex at spring house apartments has been without water. the lack of such a basic utility is bad enough, but a lack of information from the property management team has added to the frustration. >> we're all at a loss. what do we do? do we get a hotel room? do we sit it out? do we -- what do we do? >> reporter: we asked to talk to managers and were told to leave the leasing office, but a resident showed us where workers are now trying to fix the leak.
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according to the city of pleasanton, the problem is so bad they have allowed emergency construction without work permits for now, and the fire department has even been called in because no water means no sprinkler system, which is a safety concern. meanwhile, it's another day with dry faucets. >> no water. >> reporter: plastic water bottles are piling up and so are the dishes. today porta potties were installed, but residents say that's too little too late. >> so one porta potty for every two buildings. >> reporter: there is still no estimate on when the water line will be repaired or how it failed in the first place. >> difficult conditions to say the least. actually they're fortunate because normally this time of the year we could we in a stretch of 100-degree days. >> well, nobody is lucky in this situation. spencer christian is away, but sandhya patel has an accuweather update. >> cheryl and larry, the good thing is we have seen a few drops around the bay area.
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as larry mentioned, it's not terribly hot outside. as a matter of fact we only have low 80s in our warmest spots. right now partly sunny. we'll talk about what's been happening. definitely seeing some clouds on different levels, keeping us a little muggy. the southerly wind flow in mid and high level clouds. ukiah had a light shower that only amounted to a trace amount earlier this afternoon and we did have some drizzle that measured 0.02 in pacifica, 0.01 in san francisco. 69 in san francisco, 73 oakland, 76 san jose. it's mild in half moon pay, 66. 70s santa rosa, novato, concord, livermore. if you're stepping outside to run some errands, there are some low clouds looking at sfo. here's a look at your first forecast. this evening low and high clouds, a little on the breezy side, low 60s to low 70s. staying humid through tomorrow. mild, mostly cloudy and drizzly tomorrow morning. low to mid-60s. tomorrow afternoon it's going to
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be a humid one, partly cloudy skies. we're going with mid-60s to low 80s. i'll be back with a look at another plume of monsoon moisture heading our way in just a few minutes. cheryl. >> thank you. now to the latest developments in the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. pro-russian rebels have agreed to hand over the plane's black boxes. we have a picture of the rebel leader presenting them to malaysian officials. they have also agreed to a cease-fire within a six-mile radius of the crash site to allow investigators to work. and the rebels today handed over the bodies of the dead. they are now being taken on a train and will be flown to a high-tech forensics lamb in amsterdam. russia today backed the united nations plan to begin an international investigation into that crash. abc news reporter karen travers has more. >> reporter: four days and finally some progress at the mh-17 crash site. trains carrying the remains of more than 270 passengers moved
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out of the area. it's been chaotic, tense and at times dangerous at the crash scene. as local emergency workers recovered remains, they turned them over to the pro-russia rebels who control the region and control access to the site. today dutch investigators finally arrived at the wreckage and said so much more needs to be done. >> a forensic sweep of the whole area. if that's possible, i don't know. >> reporter: president obama issued an aggressive challenge to vladimir putin. >> the burden now is on russia to insist that the separatists stop tampering with the evidence, grant investigators who are already on the ground immediate, full and unimpeded access to the crash site. >> reporter: and today plamalay officials announced one positive step. >> the two black boxes will be handed over to a malaysian team in donetsk, who will take custody of them. >> reporter: but experts warn the flight recorders may not
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shed much light on exactly what happened and who did it. today in the netherlands, top government officials and the dutch royalty met with some of the victims' families. the tiny nation has been devastated by this tragedy. 193 of the 298 passengers were dutch. today the united nations approved a resolution calling for an international investigation. it passed with russian support. karen travers, abc news, washington. a warning for anybody looking to get more information about that malaysia airlines crash victims on facebook. at least six fake facebook pages have been set up with the names of the victims killed and each page contains a single link to a blog site. when users click on that, they get bombarded with pop-up ads. the criminals generate money by directing traffic to online gambling and other get-rich quick sites. fraud schemes are becoming more and more popular after big news
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events. the 19-year-old suspect accused of a bank robbery and shootout in stockton made his first court appearance today. he faces 35 felony charges. misty singh, a mother of two, was taken hostage. r ramos used her as a human shield and she died in the shootout. >> reporter: jaime ramos is charged at shooting at at least 22 different police officers during that robbery and following shootout. over the weekend we learned that this may not have been the group's first bank robbery, but you can believe investigators are now working to strengthen their case to make sure that it is his last. their shirts read "in loving memory" but those memories are packed with grief. >> we are not living one day at a time, we are living one minute at a time. >> reporter: today for the first time, the singh family sat in the same room with the man accused of kidnapping and killing misty.
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the family listened as the judge read through 35 felony charges against jaime ramos, including murder, robbery, felonious assault and attempted murder of a police officer. the 19-year-old appeared small, clutching at paperwork, nodding in reply to the judge. the complaint says ramos, alex martinez and gilbert renteria robbed this branch of the bank, took three women hostage and fired at 22 different officers as they led police on an hour-long street chase. >> so it doesn't really matter who did an act, as long as you're part of the group as a whole. >> reporter: the pursuit ended in a shootout. ramos is accused of using misty singh as a human shield. the beloved wife and mother of two died. ramos faces charges with gang enhancements meaning he could get life in prison without parole or even the death penalty. the deputy district attorney says this crime is just the latest in a string of worsening gang-related incidents in stockton. >> the fact that it was this brazen, it does not surprise me.
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i'm just waiting for it to happen. >> reporter: the judge appointed ramos a public defender and continued his arraignment until august 18th. ramos remains in jail without bond. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. san francisco police have arrested a man accused of committing sexual assault while impersonating a police officer. investigators say he targeted central american immigrants who speak very little english. they say he would mislead his victims into believing he was a real police officer, then bring them to his home where he would force them into committing sexual acts. >> the person did work as a security guard and, therefore, had skbiinicia that and like a police officer. so if you can only imagine someone new to the country, limited english skills, they would be under the impression that this person is a legitimate law enforcement officer. >> authorities say he told his victims they would be deported if they called police.
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santa clara police arrested a 15-year-old teen accused of stealing an 11-year-old's bicycle and threatening him with a knife. this is surveillance video from july the 7th. it shows the suspected thief inside a convenience store with several friends. other cameras captured the teen riding away with another person a few minutes after stealing that bicycle near washington elementary school. in marin city, investigators are looking for the gunman who shot a man in the face. deputies found the man conscious and sitting on a curb. this shooting happened on cole drive and drake avenue around midnight. deputies say the man in his mid-30s was able to walk a few blocks. he was taken to a local hospital and treated for three gunshot wounds. no word on his condition or motive for that shooting. the santa clara county district attorney's office announced it will not file charges against a man who blew off his hand lighting fireworks on the fourth of july. the man lost his right hand along with several fingers on his left hand after the firework he was handling ignited
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prematurely. the case has been returned to sunnyvale police for further investigation. the city of oakland is giving drivers a little more time before their cars get the boot. parked cars with one or more unpaid parking tickets will now get a courtesy notice. that notice is a reminder to pay any outstanding tickets and it outlines payment options. the city of oakland hopes this move will reduce the number of vehicles that actually get a metal boot or get towed. to make it easier to pay for parking, the city is installing new meters that accept credit cards and payments via smartphone apps. still ahead, a birthday party turns into a crime scene. what witnesses say happened. plus you better check the fridge. if you've been to the store recently, you want to know about a major fruit recall. and new at 4:30, a bay area assistant fire chief fighting his punishment. his role after this crash that seriously injured a motorcyclist. also 7 on your side's michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll have some just a little later. you can contact michael at
4:12 pm and taking a look outside at the san francisco skyway. you can see folks trying to get onto the bridge. oh, my goodness, it is slow and go tonight. not too bad in the other direction. larry and i will be back with more news at 4:00.
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[ heart beats ] cooler temperatures are helping firefighters battle a huge wildfire in washington state. lightning set off the blaze a week ago. it's burned 150 homes and
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destroyed 370 square miles. we're getting a different look at some of that devastation. this is video taken from a drone about 200 miles east of seattle. you can see homes reduced to rubble. the landscape left barren. nearly 1400 firefighters are still battling that blaze. a 10-year-old girl is recovering after being shot while at a birthday party at a west oakland park over the weekend. the shooting happened on saturday at lowell park. the kids were celebrating on the grass near 14th street and that's when the bullets started flying from the other end of the park near 12th and fill better. a stray bullet hit the young girl. a park neighbor said family members were there when the shots rapping out. >> they came home shaken up because they could have been hit. they're actually just walking by and all of a sudden somebody starts shooting. you should not have to live like that. >> police are looking for a group of five or six individuals. the girl has been released from
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children's hospital oakland and is expected to be back with her family in vallejo. new this afternoon we are learning about the first arrest at the newly built levi stadium and the arrest happened before the new park even opened. santa clara police arrested 51-year-old eric johnson of watsonville last tuesday for trespassing. he was caught inside the 49ers new home just kind of wandering around before 7:00 a.m. police say johnson was also wanted in san mateo county for vandalism and resisting arrest. a california company is recalling stone fruit sold at trader joe's and several warehouse stores because they might be contaminated with l lister listeria. it includes peaches, plums, nectar reens. they had a package date between june 1st and july the 12th. it was sold at trader joe's costco and sam's club. listeria is a deadly bacteria that can affect older adults,
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children and people with weakened immune systems. we're seeing new and disturbing video on what happened in a chinese plant that shipped expired meat to mcdonald's and kfc. they are throwing processed meat onto the conveyor belts. some of the meat was moldy and green and had been expired for seven months. the company would mix the expired meat with fresh products. china shut down the factory. mcdonald's and kfc stopped using the meat and are conducting their own investigations. a 28-year-old veteran received the nation's highest military honor today for risking his life to save fellow troops in afghanistan. president obama presented former army staff sergeant ryan pitts with the medal of honor at the white house. in 2008 pitts and his unit were attacked by 200 taliban insurgents in afghanistan. despite being badly injured by a grenade, sergeant pitts continued to fire at the enemy and helped guide air strikes that ultimately ended the
4:18 pm
attack. >> valor was everywhere that day. the real heroes are the nine men who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us could return home. >> 27 other americans were injured in that attack. pitts has since retired from the military and has a 1-year-old son. he's one of only nine living recipients for the medal of honor for heroic actions in iraq and afghanistan. well, spencer christian is away today. >> sandhya patel is here with an accuweather update. still kind of muggy. >> it is indeed, larry and cheryl. dew points are still up there and there's a reason for all of this, i'll explain in just a second. but it's comfortable out here right now. let me show you live draoppler hd. it has been tracking a few sprinkles around ukiah and in the sierra we've been seeing some development. you'll notice just south of susan villain isolated thunderstorm. most of the storms have been on the nevada side. the shasta area is under a red
4:19 pm
flag warning sgluft case some thunderstorms drift northward. the water temperatures right now well above average. low to mid-60s at this point. average water temp for bodega bay, 62. you take a look at monterey bay, half moon bay and they're also running very warm. the southerly wind flow is what's keeping it from happening bringing the cold water to the surface, so with these mild temperatures, the south wind, the monsoon moisture providing the high dew points or what you're feeling as muggy. look at that, 60s for napa, fairfield, hayward, mountain view, petaluma, half moon bay and that's why. it's going to stay muggy for another day or so. people are enjoying the beach in santa cruz. i don't blame them, it's summertime. it's time for the nice weather and heading to the coast. isolated shower or drizzle into tomorrow morning. mostly sunny and muggy for the
4:20 pm
afternoon tomorrow and it's going to get hot late in the week but we'll lose the humidity by then. satellite/radar showing you the sprinkles and the drizzle that we had earlier starting to shift northward. what we are going to see is another batch of moisture moving in as we head towards tomorrow. here's the computer animation. tonight you'll see the low clouds at the coast, areas of drizzle. light showers are possible peninsula, out towards the east bay. not out of the question at 11:00 p.m. and again for tomorrow morning's commute. watch out for wet roadways and by tomorrow afternoon/evening we're going with a mostly sunny pattern with the exception of the coast where we'll see low clouds lingering. mild, cloudy, look at those temperatures. low to mid-60s out the door tomorrow morning. you know, it's not great sleeping weather if you don't have air conditioning so i hear your pain but it will get better by wednesday afternoon. 79 tomorrow in the south bay and half moon pay. 78 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula in palo alto,
4:21 pm
menlo park, redwood city 79. 66 in pacifica. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco so temperatures changing velts. in the north bay mid-70s for san rafael, out towards the east bay 73 in oakland, plenty of sun there. sunshine inland, 81 in livermore, 80 in walnut creek, pretty nice-looking day. 80 in fairfield. morning drizzle or sprinkles, it's going to stay muggy for your tuesday afternoon. we hang on to the muggies for wednesday morning, but it's drier heat that awaits wednesday afternoon going into the latter part of the workweek. mid-90s inland into the weekend. low 70s along the coastline. so our typical summertime weather will be returning, but it's going to take a little bit of time. cheryl, larry. >> sandhya, thanks so much. and coming up next, use the force. a sneak peek at one of the big things in the star wars movie. new after 4:30 how this miss america contestant is inspiring
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so many who are battling diabetes. and great news from organizers of yesterday's san francisco aids walk in golden gate park. the 20,000 walkers, including these, helped raise $2.3 million for aids and hiv research. we are so proud that we are a sponsor of the annual walk. we have a photo gallery for you posted at oh hey there! (laughs) hmm. you're that grumpy cat.
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a subway rider in mexico city made a disturbing discovery when he looked into the operator's cabin. the train driver was on his ipad playing farmville. so the rider got out his phone and recorded the ill-advised gaming session. he's doing quite well actually. subway trains in mexico city travel at more than 60 miles an hour. they're mostly run using an automated system, but operators need to be ready just in case of emergency. when the driver's bosses saw the video online, as you might
4:25 pm
expect, he was fired. >> makes you wonder, doesn't it? >> don't play farmville while operating a train. star wars fans excited about a new video from director j.j. abrams. >> he's asking fans to donate to force for change. abrams revealed some cool prizes for donors and a little bonus as well. >> we're offering you and a friend a chance to visit the set of star wars episode 7 and be in the movie. >> be in the movie? that's not all. you can also win a chance to see an advanced screening of the movie for yourself and 20 of your closest family and friends. this is all part of a fund-raising effort benefitting unicef. fans got a glimpse of a fighter used by luke skywalker in the original film. >> but abrams gets interrupted by a rebel pilot, then by a droid. if you want to participate you have a chance to be in the movie, we have a link at >> that would be so fun. >> that would be fun.
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still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a san francisco assistant fire chief fighting his punishment after a crash that seriously injured a motorcyclist. plus -- >> don't take life for granted. you never know when your last day will be. >> she was trapped and alone in an overturned car for ten hours. how she managed to free herself. and later on, a lot of people love them, but how accurate are they? we're going to test three popular fitness bands.
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an assistant fire chief is fighting his suspension saying he didn't do anything wrong during the investigation into a crash between a fire truck and motorcycle in san francisco last year. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee was at that special hearing of the fire commission today and is live in the newsroom with a story you'll see only on 7. vic? >> reporter: larry, cheryl, fire chief john hayes white suspended assistant chief david franklin for misconduct during the investigation which took place immediately after that collision south of market last june. now, we had hoped to learn today at this hearing details of franklin's punishment because chief hayes white never revealed her reasons publicly. what's more, franklin, who helped investigate the case, has always maintained he did everything by the book.
4:30 pm
assistant fire chief david franklin and his attorney arrived at fire headquarters this morning, hoping to get his eight-day suspension overturned. franklin was one of the top commanders who arrived on the scene to investigate the accident. >> he did the best he could. the best relying on his training, education and experience and was subsequently brought up on charges. >> reporter: also at the hearing today were fellow firefighters who came to support franklin and to learn why he's being suspended. brian reubenstein heads the san francisco fire chiefs association. >> we need to know more about what it is that was objectionable about chief franklin's performance. chief franklin claims now and has claimed that he's followed our rules. >> reporter: franklin is one of four firefighters disciplined by chief joanne hayes-white in the aftermath of last year's collision between a fire truck and a motorcycle. she said they're personnel matters. hayes-white also recommended
4:31 pm
terminating firefighter michael quinn who drove the truck, but he resigned instead. the accident happened last june at 5th and howard as a fire truck was responding to a call. 50-year-old jack frazier is on the motorcycle at the top of your screen. the fire truck blows through a red light hitting frazier, sending him across howard street where he slams into a fire hydrant. he was seriously injured. quinn's sobriety test showed blood alcohol levels above the legal driving limit. chief hayes launched an investigation to see if other firefighters at the scene, including top commanders, covered up the incident. at the hearing today both franklin's attorney and reubenstein asked for an open hearing, even though this was a personnel matter. but the fire commissioner closed the meeting saying the evidence heard today would include privileged information that would come up with the other three firefighters appeal their suspensions. >> we want end it aired out in
4:32 pm
the open. chief franklin didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: fire commissioner covington will report her findings to the full commission and they will vote on the appeal. we've also learned that the other three firefighters, including another assistant fire chief, are also appealing their suspensions. their appeals have yet to be heard. vick lee, abc 7 news. now to the crisis in the middle east. the state department is warning u.s. citizens against traveling to israel, the west bank and gaza because of the continuing tensions there. the death toll is climbing as fighting between israel and hamas militants intensifies. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the latest developments. >> reporter: today more rockets fired, more lives lost. the fighting between israel and hamas now the most intense it's been since this conflict began two weeks ago. already more than 550 palestinians have been killed, according to the health ministry there, most of them civilians.
4:33 pm
several losing their lives today when israeli tank shells hit this hospital, inciting outrage. >> we are soldiers in the army? no. we are not soldiers. we are civilian people doing our jobs here. >> reporter: no explanation from the israeli army, which has maintained their offensive is aimed at stopping hamas from firing more rockets into israel and destroying tunnels like the one they claim gaza militants use to sneak into israel today. ten of those hamas gunmen were killed as they reportedly tried to reach a neighboring town. >> the name of the game here is unknown. we don't know. we don't know where it is now. >> reporter: in the past two days at least 20 israeli soldiers have died. among them max steinberg and nasim sean carmeli, two americans who were also israeli citizens and joined the idf, losing their lives in this waging war. president obama is calling for
4:34 pm
an end to the fighting send secretary of state john kerry to egypt today where he is now working to try to broker a cease-fire. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. texas governor rick perry says he plans to secure the southern border by sending in 1,000 national guard troops. the troops would join the texas department of public safety which has been at the mexican border since june fighting human trafficking and drug smuggling. the cost of sending in the troops is expected to be $5 million per week. perry has repeatedly asked president obama to send the national guard to the border. in san francisco today, protesters gathered outside the federal building demanding recognition for child refugees entering the u.s. protesters delivered a letter to representative nancy pelosi's office asking the obama administration to grant refugee status for children being held in detention centers. >> we're talking about a democratic party who says countless times, says that they will do what it takes to get
4:35 pm
immigration reform but even to now we have gotten nothing. >> we need to secure the border. since it is an emergency situation, we need to get the national guard down there, secure the border so we stop more people from coming in and then deal with the problems here and figure out what to do. that's never been done. >> the protesters say they want a more humanitarian approach when it comes to protecting our borders. they're criticizing opponents who say people need to cross into the country legally. president barack obama used the power of his pen to side step congress. this time on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. he signed an executive order banning discrimination by several contractors on the basis of sexual orientation. several employees will be protected from discrimination on the basis of gender identity. the bill discriminating against lgbt nationwide has passed the senate but stalled in the house. a young woman who almost did the unthinkable to save her own
4:36 pm
life. she was driving in the washington state mountains when a deer crossed into her path. she swerved, her truck overturned. shannon's leg got stuck under the door. with nobody around, shannon thought about cutting off her leg with her car keys to escape. she laid there for ten hours, almost giving up hope, then she heard some wolves. a rush of adrenaline set in and she was able to smash the windshield and crawl out. two men found her and rushed her to the hospital. >> nobody wants to lose a leg. i mean it sucks. but it could have been a lot worse. >> her leg was so badly injured, doctors had to amputate it, but shannon says she is just happy to be alive. >> what a brave young lady, my goodness. coming up on abc zen news at 4:00, what happens when the king of basketball teams up with a piano master? plus remember we showed you 105-year-old agnes mckey practicing? we'll show you how she did in her debut in the major leagues
4:37 pm
coming up. in 7 on your side q & a is still ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook, which means you can contact me at and on twitter @mfinney. i'll answer your questions right here live a little later. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a gorgeous view from our emeryville camera. temperatures in the 60s to 80s this afternoon. we have some hot weather coming. i'll have a detailed look at when that might happen and we'll talk about when we'll get rid of this humidity coming up. a live check of the afternoon traffic now in the east bay. this is interstate 680 in walnut creek. northbound traffic heading to concord really starting to back up now, moving nicely southbound. back with
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♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away
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that is lebron james doing a duet of sorts with famous chinese pianist long long in beijing. long long called this the piano dunk. the two exchanged gifts. lebron gave him a pair of basketball shoes and james got an album of long-long's music. james is now on a five-day trip to china. well, how about agnes mckee. 105 years old. she's got the old school windup. >> good form there, right? amazing moment yesterday in san
4:41 pm
diego. 105-year-old agnes mckee throwing the first pitch at the padres/mets game. she had to use a walker to get on the field but that didn't slow down that form. she used the classic softball toss to get the ball to the catcher. she admits she's not much of a baseball fan. she actually prefers bridge and a classic martini. >> that's how you get to 105. ♪ >> now this is guaranteed to make you smile. the elderly man may need two canes to walk but did not need them to dance. he just tossed his canes away. i'm saved! >> look at him go. >> yes! getting down here. the person who posted this on facebook gave it the short caption "forever young." once he felt the music, the rhythm and the beat, he came alive. that's good stuff. >> and then he fluffed his hair.
4:42 pm
it was so cute. >> i like it. >> there's hope for us yet, larry. >> yes. we know spencer is away, but meteorologist sandhya patel is outside. >> she was dancing just a moment ago. >> just watching them go makes me want to dance. take a look at a time lapse from earlier this afternoon. we did see some clouds, as we take a look at the time lapse you'll see what i'm talking about. clouds looking out over the bay but as the day has gone by, we have seen a little more blue sky in parts of the bay area. the clouds started to break up a bit. we did start out with the sprinkles and the drizzle this morning, as you know, and even had a light shower in ukiah briefly this afternoon. what we're basically expecting is this muggy weather to stick around. there you see the blue sky there. then we will get rid of the muggies very soon here. live doppler 7 hd not seeing anything right now here in the bay area. thunderstorms if you're traveling to atlanta or d.c. tomorrow, and minneapolis there's a slight chance. hot around st. louis and denver, mid-90s. as you look at the statewide temperatures, there will be some
4:43 pm
heat here as well. 105 in vegas, 109 in palm springs. looking at partly to mostly cloudy up to the north around the eureka area. here in the bay area, temperatures will range from about 68 in half moon bay all the way to 83 in antioch. still going to be humid. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. we will definitely hang on to the humidity through wednesday morning and then we will see a change in our air mass. hot weather arrives thursday for our inland areas and it continues into the weekend. i'll be back at 5:00 with the complete seven-day forecast and those temperatures and how hot it's going to get. cheryl, larry. >> all right, sandhya, thank you. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the beauty accessory that has made this miss america contestant an inspiration to so many. plus the bride who couldn't have her father walk her down the aisle and who she got may have been the next best thing. and 7 on your side's michael finney. are airlines liable for items stolen out of your luggage? the answer next in my q & a
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power up with new cheerios protein. disgraced los angeles clippers owner donald sterling could face serious financial troubles if the sale of his nba team is blocked. that was the testimony from the chief financial officer of
4:47 pm
sterling's beverly hills properties. sterling's estranged wife is asking a probate court to let her sell the clippers for $2 billion. sterling's financial adviser says the clippers owner would have to get rid of much of his real estate assets to pay off debt. we're talking about $500 million worth of real estate. sterling was banned from the nba for making racist comments. a miss america contestant is getting a lot of attention on social media by asking people to, quote, show me yours. this is sierra ann sanderson in the miss idaho competition. she's wearing a black bikini with an insulin pump clipped to the side. you can see that on the side of your screen there. she said she didn't wear it just to get publicity. the picture shows her wearing the pump during the interview portion as well. >> it's not just me saying, oh, look, i wear my pump so you can wear yours. wearing my pump and getting all this feedback has shown me that you guys agree that you can be beautiful with an insulin pump. >> she is asking people to show off pictures of themselves
4:48 pm
wearing insulin pumps on social media using the hash tag show me your pump. it certainly wasn't traditional but one bride had a very special guest walk her down the aisle. listen to the crowd there. that is miami hurricanes mascot sebastian doing the honors. jennifer sullivan's father had passed away nearly two years ago. she wanted to make her entrance special. sullivan is a die hard miami hurricanes fan and met her now-husband at miami law school. she wore a jersey with her dad's nickname on the back, big walt. >> that's very cool. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to answer some questions sent by facebook, twitter and e-mail. jolene e-mailed my credit card has fees and interest for a late
4:49 pm
payment. what's the rule? >> there are very, very specific rules about this now finally. it's only been a factor about two years which says, first of all, the due date, some squirrely banks used to say the due date, 8:00 a.m. on that day so they would not have to accept any checks. now the rule is by law the due date time has to be 5:00 p.m. or later. so basically if the check got there any time that day, it's good. also, if the due date falls on a weekend, basically a sunday or a holiday, then the due date automatically moves to the next day, the next business day, so generally a monday or a tuesday, depending. so you're okay there if it arrived during that time. where you may have been messed up is if you do it electronically, none of those rules apply. it is when you actually send it. so you don't have any of those grace periods if you pay electronically. >> wow, all right. good to know. >> yeah. >> that's crushing because
4:50 pm
that's part of the benefit of paying electronically. but anyway. the next question, do cops need to abide by the same no sale calls law? >> when they're on duty and in an official emergency vehicle, so a police cruiser, it goes for firefighters as well, actually it goes for bus drivers, believe it or not. and you're actually allowed to use your phone when driving if you're in the middle of an emergency situation and you're calling an emergency agency. so sheriffs, police or fire department then you can do it too. basically if you see a police officer on the phone talking in the cruiser, he's allowed to do that. >> a twitter user asks why are airlines not liable for items stolen out of luggage? >> oh, no, they're liable. they're liable up to $3300 worth. how they get to that $3300 is a whole different thing, but because they figure if you've owned something for a couple of weeks, it's not worth nearly as much as if it were new.
4:51 pm
they don't do jewelry, money or electronics. if you notice anything missing, you have to tell them within 24 hours. you don't have to but it's best to tell them within 24 hours. also report it to the tsa because now the tsa goes into 1% of the baggage. so they'll track it too and they'll probably both point a finger at each other, but you need to tell them both and fight it out. >> michael, good to know. thank you. coming up, those wearable gadgets are so popular, but how accurate are they? you'll see what happens when three fitness bands are put to the tests. i'm dan ashley. coming up new at 5:00, richmond's chevron refinery makes a major concession. only on abc 7 news, a deal that environmental groups are actually applauding. and hillary clinton in the silicon valley. the topics that she tackled during a town hall at facebook. those stories when cheryl and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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now a look at the benefits of fitness bands, popular with people who want to keep tabs on their health, how much they're moving, eating and sleeping. mara schiavocampo checks it out. >> reporter: they track it all, calories, steps, even sleep. >> but a 2014 study found the calorie burned estimates of some fitness trackers have a 10% to 15% margin of error. >> reporter: and they're not cheap. we put three popular bands, all ranging from $100 to $200 up to a sweat challenge. the fitbit flex, the jawbone up 24 and the basis b-1. >> ready to go. >> we wore all three for several days, giving them time to get used to our bodies and exercise routines. >> it's nice to be able to see how much activity you have. >> reporter: then armed with our devices, we headed to the hospital for special surgery. this metabolic cart is our gold standard calorie counter. >> how accurate is this? >> very accurate because it's
4:56 pm
measuring every bit of your exhaled air and that's telling us what you're burning. >> reporter: to make things interesting we threw in this pedometer and calorie tracker. >> reporter: hooked on our breathing masks. >> grab the mouthpiece and put that in. >> and ran for six minutes. according to the metabolic heart we burned. >> 85 calories total. >> reporter: we entered them into the fitbit and jawbone app, adjusting our intensity levels accordingly. >> the basis is supposed to be able to tell when you were running. my basis was exact. >> our fitbits were off by 4 to 6 calories, the jawbones by 10 to 15. >> reporter: these devices also act as pedometers, each using their own algorithm to count your steps. even though we're wearing all three all the time, they were reporting different daily step count totals. >> so we took our bands to the
4:57 pm
park, walking exactly 100 steps. comparing their numbers. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- >> reporter: to our count, the old-fashioned way. >> 99, 100. >> reporter: after three trials, during one of them the fitbit was the only device to hit the 100 step mark dead on. on another trial. >> 125. >> the jawbone consistently came close to 100. its worst count. >> 110 steps. >> reporter: the basis ranged from -- >> 101 steps. >> all the way to. >> 155 steps. >> reporter: that number was so far off, i wonder if i didn't sync it properly. >> and that $20 timexpedo meter, overall were similar to the band. >> reporter: different factors like how we record our data could have given us some variance in our results. >> but fitbit said while there may be a small difference between tests, ultimately the success of our products comes
4:58 pm
from empowering users to accurately see their overall health. >> at least they're out there exercising. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now with cheryl and dan. richmond's chevron refinery makes a major reversal on a hotly contested environmental issue. why the company changed its stance now. and hillary clinton on tour in silicon valley. the topics that she's talking about during a facebook town hall. i'm abc 7 news meerls sateot sandhya pa them. it's a sticky summer day and there's a possibility of sprinkles. i'll let you know when coming up. we begin with developing news. one of the suspects in a horrific shooting in stockton. thanks for joining us, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. that suspect is accused in a bank robbery, high-speed chase and shootout with police that left misty singh, a mother of two, dead. >> 19-year-old jaime ramos'
4:59 pm
accomplices died in that shootout. tiffany wilson joins us with the latest. >> reporter: cheryl, you're right, two of his accomplices died in that shootout, but now police are looking for another accomplice. the stockton crime stoppers unit just released a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver of this black sedan. now, police believe that that driver dropped off the three armed robbers at the bank of the west, initiating a series of crimes that still has stockton shocked. two young men filed into the courtroom today. one chained by grief for his dead mother, the other bound by chains accused of murder, kidnapping, carjacking and attempted murder of a police officer, 35 felony counts as all. paul jr. and the rest of the singh family left without saying a word. a family friend shared a glimpse into their grief. >> they are not living one day at a time, they are living one
5:00 pm
minute at a time. >> reporter: 19-year-old jaime ramos also didn't say much, nodding or giving one sill balance answers to the judge's questions. the suspected murderer looked lost in the courtroom, breathing heavily, clutching at paperwork. >> you intention aed discharged a firearm. >> reporter: police say ramos, alex martinez and gilbert renteria robbed this bank of the west branch on wednesday, took three women hostage and fired at 22 different police officers as they led police on an hour-long pursuit. the chase ended in a shootout where ramos is accused of not just a crime, but cowardice. he allegedly used misty singh as a human shield. the beloved wife and mother of two died. ramos faces a litany of charges with enhancements that make him eligible for the death penalty. >> that decision will not be made until after the information is filed. >> reporter: police believe the alleged gang members may have committed other bank


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